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Toll Free & Long Distance
We offer competitive plans for residential and business customers throughout Canada
that allow you to call anywhere in Canada, the continental USA, and overseas at a low price.
We may even be able to eliminate your long distance bill.
  Long Distance
We offer competitive plans that allow you to call anywhere in Canada and the continental USA at a low price. Many service providers charge a monthly fee in order to access their best rates. Telecom Options has no charges to access our best rates. In fact, our billing could offer approximately 20% savings over some of our competitors, who bill in full increments, even compared to the same rate as your current provider.
Toll Free
Set up a basic toll-free number at no additional charge. Premium numbers are available for a one-time fee. With a toll-free number added to your office or residence, you can call from anywhere in North America to the toll-free number for the same price as the agreed long distance rate. Our relationship with Telus allows us to bring you advanced toll-free features like time of day routing, and area code routing for a nominal fee.
Upon call connection, you will be billed automatically for 30 seconds then every 6 seconds after. We offer customized billing solutions with a detailed breakdown of costs at no additional charge. Submit your current bill to receive a detailed review with expected savings with Telecom Options.
You only pay for what you use. We don’t round up your time. Instead of paying a flat rate (regardless of how many long distance minutes you actually use), Telecom Options will only bill you for the minutes you used at the agreed rate. We won't lock you into a long-term contract to access our best rates. To transfer your toll-free number from your current provider to Telecom Options please complete this form. Once you've completed the form, please email it to us with a copy of your current toll-free bill with your name.
With Telecom Options you are never locked in. Call anytime for an immediate review of your account and discuss new features and options with one of our experts. We will work with you to create a plan that benefits your business.

We may even eliminate your long distance bill all together

Our Service Commitment

• We'll explain our rates and terms clearly and deliver the products you need at a fair price. We'll provide you with choices that may reduce or eliminate your current telecommunications bills.

• We have a long-term focus on your goals and we are committed to helping you succeed. We aim to answer inquiries and service requests as soon as possible. Service level agreements are available.

Clearly Your Best Choice

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