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Conference Calling
Conference calls are convenient, cost-effective, and one of the best ways to connect with your team and customers.
What is it?
Conference calls, also known as audio teleconferences (ATC), are the best way to connect with your team and customers. With the right plan, you can set up a meeting with those across time zones and borders in real-time. We offer two options for conference calls with no prior booking required: one uses your current phone lines, the other option uses a conference call service. If you're interested in a new conference phone we have information available here.
Existing Service
If you use your existing phone lines to make a conference call, you may incur long distance charges when calling outside of your region and there will be a limitation on the number of callers that can participate in the conference call. For example, if your business only has four lines, you can conference up to four participants to join your call. Keep in mind that as you add more callers, the lines are no longer available for other users within your business and the conference bridge gets thinner and the quality of sound degrades. With our NEC products, a conference bridge can be added to your phone system to eliminate degradation.
 Hosted Service
Conference calls using Telecom Options on-demand service can be set up at no cost. To start, we will create an account for you with a unique PIN to access the conference call service. You will receive a toll-free number for your account that allows the other participants to dial-in. Our service ensures that the integrity of your conference bridge won’t be compromised. Once you have the account setup you pay a fee per minute per user. Need to add some inspiring visuals to your group meeting or display the latest report? Our telecommunications systems can support your needs by providing web or video conference services with audio.
A web conference allows you to share your screen for collaboration with other participants through a service provider using your Internet connection. This is perfect for sales presentations, tutorials or material that needs to be shown in a step-by-step manner. Web conference services include chat boards where participants can ask questions while you are presenting. Audio is available for your web conference through dial-in or online.
To put it simply, a video conference call is a conference call with a video display. This can be done over the internet (VoIP) or through your data channel. Hosting a video conference makes it look like all the participants are together in the same meeting space. This is helpful for visual sales presentations, distance learning or to show sign language for hearing-impaired people.
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• We'll explain our rates and terms clearly and deliver the products you need at a fair price. We'll provide you with choices that may reduce or eliminate your current telecommunications bills.

• We have a long-term focus on your goals and we are committed to helping you succeed. We aim to answer inquiries and service requests as soon as possible. Service level agreements are available.

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