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Can you afford downtime? How fast can you recover? Find out how to prepare your network.
What is it?
Cyber attacks are on the rise. A breach in security or data loss could cause your business to lose customer trust, contribute to lost revenue and do serious damage. Saving and archiving files and folders to protect you from data loss that can occur from a virus, power outage or a corrupted file, is crucial in maintaining your business reputation and operations. We provide options for remote (off-site) or local data backup that you can rely on. Whether you need to recover a file, server or system, Telecom Options has a reliable backup strategy to keep your business running.

Our tips

Design a plan for business continuity
Keep one copy of data off-site
Keep at least 3 copies of important data
Make incremental backups
Make sure your data is encrypted
File organization: make it easy for users to locate files
Automatically backup your files
Verify the backup
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• We'll explain our rates and terms clearly and deliver the products you need at a fair price. We'll provide you with choices that may reduce or eliminate your current telecommunications bills.

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