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Assistive Listening
Devices that ensure everyone can enjoy your event or meeting.
What is it?
Technology designed to help people in your audience hear better. Assistive Listening was developed to sync with your sound system and provide your clients and guests with a tool that enhances their personal hearing device by separating noise they don't want to hear and amplifying what they want to hear. An assistive listening device consists of a microphone to collect sound, a transmitter to send the signal, a receiver to intercept the signal, and the device worn by the individual.


High fidelity sound for music and speech
Good for providing temporary amplification
Flexibility for all listening situations
Most of the assistive listening devices can be used effectively with a hearing aid

Featured Products
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Advanced Installed RF System
Advanced Installed RF System
Use this system for auditory assistance, in-ear cueing, board and training meetings, and overflow areas. Great for outdoor events, corporations, theaters, and houses of worship.
Portable RF System
Portable RF System
Designed to provide a fast and complete setup to get organizations started right away, the LS-06 7-Person Tour Group System from Listen Technologies combines all the equipment you need in a convenient package.

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