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NEC SL2100
The SL2100 features VoIP capabilities and puts Unified Communications within reach of small businesses.

SL2100 Features
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A wide range of choices – choose from IP or digital, 12 to 24 keys, or digital and IP cordless mobile handsets for your system. NEC Phones offer a wide variety of models to complement every workstation.
Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your desktop phone from nearly any external communications device. It enables you to use a mobile device, home phone or other external devices to simulate an extension of your office phone.
InMail automates your communications by providing digitally-integrated voice messaging capabilities and Automated Attendant features. This communications platform can help meet your organization’s communications needs both now and in the future. This has all the same features as the SV9100 InMail.
In today’s business environment, organizations must take advantage of the latest communications technologies to streamline their processes, enhance staff productivity and improve customer service. NEC’s SL2100 Contact Center helps accomplish these goals by handling high call volume with a minimum number of resources.
UC Suite delivers an integrated unified communications (UC) solution for your Communications Server that enhances your organization’s ability to collaborate.
NEC’s SMB Wireless (ML440) solution provides your employees true on-site mobility with the productivity-enhancing features and functionality of their desktop phone.
Call Analysis
Generate reports on your company's telecommunication usage. Telecom Options proprietary software comes at a monthly billing rate with no upfront cost. Call analysis allows you to track employee call time and how many calls they have made or received in a day. It allows you to track calls and assign calls to certain projects. Review how often your lines are being used with detailed reports so you can effectively manage and pay for what you use. No PDF available.
For installations with up to 120 rooms, the SL2100 provides features such as: wake up call, single digit dialing menu, message waiting, room-to-room calling, toll restriction (when checked in), room status (set and monitor), room status reports, and InMail integration (check-in).
With the SL2100’s networking capabilities, you can extend the reach of your communications to remote offices and mobile workers. You can eliminate duplication and improve efficiencies by transparently sharing a single voicemail and intercom system. It also enables you to share trunks and transfer calls easily.

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Telecom Options is a proud double diamond partner of NEC, a distinction bestowed only on reputable dealers with certified technicians and a history of quality service to their customers. Gartner, a recognized leader in evaluating technology companies, gives NEC thumbs up for the total cost of ownership.

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