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Loud Ringers
Made for your warehouse, manufacturing facility and other loud work environments.
We have solutions that will improve your telecommunications in areas where noise is an issue.
What is it?
Loud ringers improve your telecommunications by providing employees who work in noisy environments with solutions that enable them to answer phone calls promptly and keep production moving forward. Our loud ringers will alert your employees by projecting a high volume ring and/or a high intensity flashing strobe for visual signaling.

Featured Products
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Operates directly from Central Office power. No local power source is required. It has a modular plug that connects right into a standard telephone wall jack. A protected terminal block supports hard-wired installations. This unit is equipped with a three position volume switch (hi – med – low).
The 3 Trunk Common Ringer Matrix allows connecting multiple Central Office (CO) lines to one common output whenever one of the lines rings. This unit eliminates the necessity of providing a separate bell for each incoming CO line. The Model 173W will accommodate three CO lines or Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) pairs. For more than 3 lines you can add 173Ws together. The unit also functions as a Ringing Detector.
The Stinger 24, Model 198, operates from 24 VDC and a dry set of contacts. It does not connect directly to a phone line. The unit is housed in a rugged, light-weight aluminum weatherized case. The terminal strip is protected by a cover making the ringer ideal for indoor or outdoor installations.
24V w/Spade Tips, Model 193
This power supply is used to power the Dees Model 198 Loud Ringer. No PDF available.

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