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General Info


Paging Systems
Also known as public address (PA) system, a paging system uses microphones, amps, and loudspeakers to project a voice or sound. PA systems are often used in schools, stadiums, retail, and offices that require announcements or two-way communications.
Improve internal communication in business environments and provide more efficient customer support. Bogen speakers provide audio solutions for offices, factories, dealerships, retail, and warehouses of any size and layout complexity.

Product Features

all-metal design. Fully-sealed weather-resistant cabinet.
Emergency/All-Call paging
Audio for high-ceiling environments.
Multi-location Paging
Page to remote locations using LAN/WAN network.
Zone Paging
Expandable 1-99 zones; 1-32 zone group. Connects to any telephone system.
Talk Back
Hands-free talkback capability in selected zones/specific areas.
Nyquist E7000 is a software-based state-of-the-art IP paging and intercom solution that leverages the latest digital, mobile and software technologies to address today’s educational environments, security challenges, and mobile lifestyles. Nyquist is a suite of powerful, yet easy to use tools that allow educators to quickly and effectively manage campus and districtwide communications.

Product Features

Mobile Accessibility
E7000 allows administrators to access the system from anywhere in the connected world, even with mobile devices. E7000 can help with features such as call monitoring, call recording and playback, emergency paging with pre-programmed announcements and much more.
Security device integration
E7000 interfaces with select third-party security devices such as locks, alarm systems, and sensors via the programmable I/O Controller appliance.
Unmatched Audio Capability
Bogen’s 85-year history of audio excellence is evident in the range and quality of audio features.
Unlimited Scheduling
Administrators can take full control of scheduling functions via E7000’s powerful web-based user interface.
State-of-the art Paging and Intercom
Paging and intercom functions are brought to new levels of sophistication and control with E7000.
Telephony – Integrated and Elevated
E7000 easily integrates with virtually any VoIP or analog phone system to create a seamless communication platform.
The Bogen Multicom 2000® Administrative Communication System is designed for the needs of schools, and other institutional and industrial facilities. It combines private telephone communication with a full-featured sound and program distribution system, including media control.

Product Features

Station Capacity
24 to 240 station capacity (each station can have a call device, phone, media control and loudspeaker). Three station types: administrative, enhanced staff, or staff. Classroom station types 2500 phones or call-in switches.
Emergency Link feature reroutes unanswered emergency calls so that there is always an answer. Dialing to outside 911 Emergency Services. 911 alerts to the Administrative telephone.
Telephonic Functions
Hold, conference call, call forward and call transfer.
User Friendly
Administrative telephones have alphanumeric displays with easy-to-use English language menu-driven setup and operation.
Built-in program and intercom amplifiers eliminate external equipment. Built-in modular program source interface; a selected program is easily distributed to any or all speakers or zones from designated administrative phones.
Paging Zones
8 administrative paging zones, 240 hard-wired zones, 9-time signaling tones, 8 bell schedules, 1024 programmable events.
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